Friday, August 4, 2017

Update - 04-08-2017


After almost 9 years, I am saddened to announce that we are shutting this site down. It has outlived it's purpose. It seems that few days back our accounts were suspended and all links were purged. As we are not actively uploading stuff on the site daily, we realized this a bit late. For the uninitiated comics are actually scheduled for upload upto 6 months in advance. Now we had already deleted all RC links from this site on Manish sir's request back in 2010-11. So this site was not in favor of piracy ever. RC is taking some strong moves to revive the industry & reprint old gems. We don't want to hamper this either. Also the fact that our MF account (which did not have any Raj Comics links) was shot down meant that someone felt it was promoting piracy & that kind of belittles the effort we have put in all these years.

To give you guys some background, this site was created back in the days of Orkut (in the days of community wars) so that rare comic books could be preserved in decent quality. We skimmed the second hand markets, collaborated with comic book lovers & purchased comics at abusrd rates from dealers just so that we could scan & preserve them. That was the single motivation. Back in RFN days, we reached out to Sanjay Sir several times to kick start reprints of old comics. We were ready to provide hardcopies too. But RC was slow in responding. During this journey we met several fans who just like us missed thier childhood collections of hardcopies. So we wnated them to get a chance to relive those memories. That's how we evolved. We started focusing on extinct publications, Tulsi, Radha etc. Some of us even met Ved Prakash ji (in meerut) to see if Tulsi could be reprinted. But it did not happen. On this journey we made some great friends who helped us get the collection. Most of us were RC fans but we started to collect other titles too just so that we could share with their fans. And that's why we are still 100% Ad free. Not even a penny has been made by this site so far (not even Ad words).

We have all our scans preserved so if we wanted to we could re upload them again today. But we won't after almost a decade RC has started collaborating with other brands. We wish them the best & lend our support to revive this industry again. It's a little disheartening to see people brand us as comic pirates because the effort was always to support the passion for this fading industry.

Thanks for supporting us for all these years. Now let's support Raj Comics & buy all of the old gems they put up so that someday we can have hardcopies of them again. We will putting up some of the hardcopies for sale (already do that on some of the sister sites) here. These would be sold at a discount at reasonable rates so that it helps you guys in preserving your collections. We had only purchased these at absurd rates (upto 500 bucks for 1 issue) for preservation. We will be sharing anything RC is missing too so that they can bring them out in the App.

Signing off!

Team Rkoscans


nahlawat said...

what to say just heart full thanks i know now its hard and even i want old gems in print hope raj comics wont disappoint us

Phantom said...

Its really disappointing that Team RKo also came under the pressure of bullying RC.
These are the people (RC) who themselves have destroyed the Indian comic industry by pricing exorbitantly and offering poor stories.
RC is nowadays threatening every hardworking comics blogger and uploader. And shutting down the links of comics even though those comics are more than 20 years old.
They (RC) have insulted the feeling of every old comic lover.
I can confidently say that RC will never succeed in their poor plan.
These people (RC) just wanna make money by any means. They have nothing to do with comic industry.
I appeal to all uploaders and comics lovers that they should not scare by the threats by these people (RC)
And should continue their work as Anonymous.
We all should now accept the fact that no one can bring that old golden era of comics back. So what we can do the best is to share memories and joy with all.

Phantom said...

These selfish people (RC) were silent for so many years.
They let the comics enthusiasts to the hardwork and upload scanned copies.
Now when almost everything is uploaded, they suddenly came into picture and claimed their rights.
They will use all the hard work done by uploaders and comics lovers as a base.

But I am sure the won't be able ti achieve even break even.




Nitesh Singh said...

better we unite at facebook and twitter and share our works to each other.

Nitesh Singh said...

we can also make whatsapp group to interact.
twitter @teekhe_tevar

Manohar Marandi said...

No worry.RC are trash.

Abhishek Bardhan said...

Very sad news...

Abhishek Vishwakarma said...

PAINFULL merciless raj comics and sanjay gupta they do not know how much hardwork u guys had put to create this awesome blog

Suman Saurabh said...

Phantom bro why dont u upload all the comics of all the publications which u have got with u. U have already told that u can upload upto 10 GB of comics within a few minutes. So come on and show ur potential. Do it anonymous. Challenge Raj comics or else it will take down every comics blog for sure. They r also fighting tooth nd nail to get RC back in its golden era. If u wont do that then surely not even a single comics blog will survive. Thats for sure. First u will have to start it and set an example by uploading comics as no one is taking the initative coz of Manish Gupta's threat regarding copyright issue. Ppl r afraid for sure. U arent as it appears. So just walk the talk and am sure ppl will follow ur foot steps and comics lovers will relive those precious moments of reading these comics. THANK YOU.

Rahul said...

@ Saurabh: It's not that people are scared. The reason we started blogs in the first place was because we had no hope these comics will ever be available. RC did not realize the potential market back in the days. Now that black marketers and comic blogs are running riots, they finally get the craze. They are taking baby steps at least so we should support them as much as we can. Who knows someday we might get these old out of prints back as hardcopies. RC can't do this without fans supporting them. If they still fail, I am sure fans will find some other way (fans always do). But RC succeeding right now is the best that can happen for our comics industry.